The CatSynth blog centers around cats and music, the eclectic interests of its author/publisher, and of course the lovely black cat Luna. Cats, synthesizers, music, art, opinion and more.

Musician Amar Chaudhary shares music, art and technology ideas. Includes free downloadable music, CD/MP3s for sale, and information about upcoming live performances.

A semi-periodic stream of electronic and experimental performances, improvisations and musings. Many of the releases reflect parallel themes on the CatSynth blog. In addition to our own music and discoveries to share, we are now accepting submissions!

Music, film and more as featured on CatSynth, including original music from the author.

It seems like everyone has a "Top 100" list these days, so we at CatSynth would like to offer an alternative. Join the only ranking site based on a neglected prime number. All sites about cats, electronic music, art, highways, or something else we like are welcome. Highway Page
Our special-interest site for highways and travel. It's good to get outside once in a while.